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O’Connor and Kay, Inc. is a firm comprised of professionals with a wide range of experience who share the lust of the entrepreneurial spirit. O’Connor and Kay’s executives have been active professionals living the life of and serving entrepreneurs for a combined 40 years. They have formed a firm committed to providing their clients with top quality, efficient, creative, and responsive consulting work – and successful results.

O’Connor and Kay has the knowledge, network, and know-how to help you through your personal and business issues. Over the years the firm has developed its executives through direct ownership of entrepreneurial ventures, leadership of international enterprises, formal education, and continuing adventures. O’Connor and Kay have developed a network of business owners and professional advisors who are brought into engagements to provide insight, technical excellence, and to open doors for their clients.

The firm’s clients include individuals, family and closely held businesses, public entities, and people who are looking to do the best with what they have and need mentoring to achieving their life goals

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